Micro-credentialing is a buzzword in Higher Education right now. As its scope and governance is still taking shape and open to different interpretations, individual institutions have different approaches for its implementation.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of micro-credentials:

1) certifying the so-called “soft skills” such as leadership, teamwork and communication, as a way for graduates to distinguish themselves in their key strengths or employable skills;

2) certifying smaller unit of learning of disciplinary areas — mainly pitched at working professionals as a non-traditional way to gain accreditation without having to commit to long and expensive courses.

The Behaviour change is MSDI’s foray into micro-credentials. It is a six-credit equivalent fully online course that runs 8 weeks. Participants can choose one of the two pathways — un-assessed and assessed. The latter option awards a Certificate of Completion which can be used to apply credits towards Monash’s Master of Environment and Sustainability. Participants who complete the course will also earn a digital badge.

The course has been launched in June 2020.

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