Courses: Introduction to Business Studies & Fundamentals of Economics

Role: Digital Learning Designer @ RMIT Training

Completed: 2018

Background & Purpose

Business is one of the most popular streams in RMIT Foundation Studies. Two subjects – Introduction to Business Studies and Fundamentals of Economics have been prioritised for re-design for the 2018 new intake. Due to the tight deadline of the project. This redesign features a light-touch blended learning design with the purpose of maximising student interaction with the online content. This also provides useful analytics for educators to track students’ progress. Being able to capture student progress and provide timely feedback and intervention is at the core of the online educational design of RMIT Foundation Studies subjects.

Business stream Team Leaders and Course Leads have been consulted with at the start of the project. They were also involved in the feedback loop.

Design & Build

Both subjects consist of the following online components:

  • A homepage that serves as a portal and quick links
  • A Syllabus page which includes a Student Guide
  • An Assessment page
  • A series of Practice Activities (quizzes) which aligns to the units/topics
  • An interactive Glossary
  • Lockdown browser is configured for online exams

Analytics that educators can capture are Student Page Views, Participation (in terms of quiz submissions), and Quiz Statistics. Quizzes are designed for formative feedback and serve as checkpoints at the end of each unit.


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